The Four Steps to the Epiphany by Steve Blanks - ISBN 0976470705 - CafePress 2006



Describe in a sentences or two what motivated me to read this book.

Pre-reading model

Seems like the ontogenesis/corticogenesis problem : imaginating that the current system "has always been in this state" and (wrongly) applying it to corporations.

Consider MBE "mise en situ" as an exercise


  • 1 The path to disaster: The product development model
    • you do not know what the product is and your consider your founding hypothesis as an axiom that requires no proof
    • sweat does not equal value and customers trump technology
  • 2 The path to epiphany: the customer development model
    • the feedback loop should include the "real world"
  • 3 Customer discovery
    • leverage whoever you can knowing that early adopters are a specific kind of adopters
      • "earlyangelists" are smarter than you
  • 4 Customer validation
    • test cheap
    • test cheaper
    • test even cheaper!
  • 5 Customer creation
  • 6 Company building

See also

Overall remarks and questions

  • requires
    • a strong social network
      • to discuss with earlyvangelists
    • a strong reputation
      • to actually be able to sell a product that does not exist yet (not even an MVP)
  • Seedea:SeedeaProtected/Leads seems like a sale roadmap but not a list of earlyvangelists!


So in the end, it was about X and was based on Y.


Point A, B and C are debatable because of e, f and j.


(:new_vocabulary_start:) new_word (:new_vocabulary_end:)

Post-reading model

Draw a schema (using PmGraphViz or another solution) of the situation of the area in the studied domain after having read the book. Link it to the pre-reading model and align the two to help easy comparison.


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