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  • science and mathematical usage
  • affixes
    • quasi almost, as it were
  • literature
  • philosophy
    • Sophisms
      • ad hominem
      • ex cathedra, from the chair (also known as papal infallibility)
    • adequatio rei et intellectus
  • social and political
    • Sui generis = of its own kind/genus
    • cum laude = With praise; an honor added to a diploma or degree for work above average.
    • proxy = Contraction of Anglo-Norman procuracie, from Medieval Latin procuratia, from Latin procuratio.
  • medical
    • vacuus = empty, vacant, unoccupied
    • cortex = bark, rind; bark of a tree; bark; cork; skin
    • placebo = I will please
    • homo sapien and other organisms names with their etymological roots
  • famous quotes
    • mens sana in corpore sano
    • dosis sola facit venenum, Paracelsus (1493 - 1541)
    • panem et circenses
    • per aspera sic itur ad astra
    • Pigmaei gigantum humeris impositi plusquam ipsi gigantes vident
  • una tantum
  • Pars pro toto = (taking) a part for the whole
  • Grosso modo = In a rough way, roughly, circa or approximately
  • complexus = past participle of complecti to entwine, encircle, compass, infold
    • com- = together
    • plectere = to weave, braid

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