In order to see the hidden expressions after trying to recall them just hover your mouse over the whitespace and check if you are correct.

  • Prima regola per un tranquillo pranzo di lavoro: non ordinare mai un'insalata con pomodori "pachino" se vuoi evitare le macchie!
  • patatine (fritte) = potato chips
  • un fico nero (plural fichi neri) = black figue
  • grazie mille = thank you very much
  • se non fosse per i fessi i furbi come camperebbero
    • ~basic rule of business btw, hire smarter people than yourself to sell to dumber people to yourself
  • Impara l'arte e mettila da parte
    • see also “Mettere il fieno in cascina” or “Con la legna raccolta da giovane ti scalderai da vecchio”
  • caffè = a espresso (espresso is the word mostly used by foreigners since it's like they order it in their countries, to distinguish it from the american style of long coffee, with much more water)
    • caffé macchiato = espresso with foamed milk as if it was a little cappuccino
    • cornetto = italian croissant (meaning "little horn")
    • caffè corretto al rum = traditional coffee with rhum
  • fave = fava beans (Firenze restaurant)
    • coniglio = rabbit
    • ceci = chickpeas
    • melanzane alla parmigiana = fried aubergines layered in a lasagna fashion with parmigiano cheese
    • quartino di vino della casa (rosso o bianco) = a small caraffe with a quarter of liter of the house wine
  • gelato = ice cream ( Firenze and Lucca)
    • cono gelato = in the wafer cone
    • in coppetta = in the cup
  • binario = train platform
    • biglietto = train ticket
  • far l'aperitivo or prendere l'aperitivo = go in to a bar or wine bar and have some drinks with usually free food offered by the house
    • prosecco = white sparkling wine typical for aperitivo (we had it before going to Lucca and after our ride to the park)
  • focaccia (o schiacciata) = flat white bread cooked with olive oil (the classic one) or with potatoes or rosemary on top
    • pomodorini (o pomodori ciliegini) = cherry tomatoes :P
    • caffettiera o moka = coffee machine like the one we were always using at Roberto's
    • spaghetti alla chitarra = fresh spaghetti (cut with a device called "guitar")
    • pasta (or cannelloni or anything) tricolore = dish with the ingredients having the same colors as the the italian flag (like tomatoes, of course,ricotta -creamy cottage cheese - and spinaci - spinaches)
    • pasta fritta = fried bread dough (you bought it all by your own in the shop nearby Roberto's in San Giuliano)
  • mansarda = mansarde

Dante's quotes:

  • Lasciate ogni speranza o voi ch'entrate = All hope abandon, ye who enter in. (Inferno, Canto III, lines 1-9)
  • Lasciate ogni stranezza o voi ch'entrate from Art exhibition at Jeu de Paumes entitled Société Réaliste : "Empire, State, Building" = All weirdness abandon, ye who enter in.
  • Considerate la vostra semenza / fatti non foste a viver come bruti, / ma per seguir virtute e canoscenza. = Consider your origin / you were not born to live like brutes, / but to follow virtue and knowledge. (Inferno, Canto XXVI, lines 118-120)

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