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In order to see the hidden expressions after trying to recall them just hover your mouse over the whitespace and check if you are correct.

Alternative solutions - Tip of the tongue - Grammer rules - Repeated mistakes - Idioms - Vocabulary - Tools - To do

Alternative solutions

  • simpler version, sign language, automated translation, ...

Tip of the tongue

  • multiple descriptions of the term I often forget -> actual word

See also Keywords#tongue

Grammer rules

Sorted by frequency of mistake

  1. pattern -> correction
    • explanation and justification of the rule
    • history of the rule
  2. ?
  3. ?

See Cours de français by 3615buck, FORUM

Repeated mistakes

  • misttake -> correcction
  • did + past form -> did + (infinive - to)
  • this != that


  • French or English or other well known language
    • equivalent in this language



Other context


To do