L'evolution aujourd'hui par Jean-Pierre Gasc, UMR 7179 - CNRS / MNHN, Conference SAGA 10th of April 2010, Laboratoire de géologie 43 rue Buffon 75005 Paris, invited by Gwenael

Personal remarks

  • parallels with information theory
    • can the complex reading/write/cutting of DNA (especially as opposed to the earlier view of it being a "simple" string of information) be compared to a Turing machine?
    • can architect genes (hox) in evo-devo be compared to design patterns and overall software architecture?
      • paradoxically architect genes, gene regulatory network and such abstract concepts sound very obvious in computer science with equivalent such as Design pattern or Functional programming

Key concepts

To do

  • schema with tree structure regarding environmental pressure with Gaussian curves leading to different paths
    • directional
    • stationary
    • diversifying
    • (slide from the presentation asked to Gwenael)