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List the recipes I know and my own way to do it, share links to the classical ways and expand on other horizon. (see also the To do to see how it might evolve)

homemade chorizo bread, normal rye/flour bread and pita bread

preparations, homemade chorizo breads with seeds, flour bread filled with seeds

leek quiche, chaussons aux pommes



  • having a more realistic yet easier to manage model of what efficient nutrition should be
    • physiologically,
    • financially and
    • ethically.

Cooking methods

  • raw > vapor > boiled > grilled > roasted > baked > fried > panned
Wikipedia:Template:Cooking techniques knowing that Wikipedia:Lycopene is better assimilated cooked and with oil and, obviously, in addition to how you cook, it's a lot about what you cook that matters.

Current diet

  1. about 3L of water (excluding beverages like coffe or tea)
  2. vegs/fruits
  3. nuts
  4. cheese, yogurt or milk nearly every day
  5. stay as low as possible on animal products, just what is required and delicious (meat/fish about once or twice a week)

Justified by

and overall Health#Nutrition

Recipes I master


  • Manhattan
  • Blue lagoon
  • Irish coffee
  • Sex on the beach
  • Pina Colada
  • Caipirinha
  • Cuba libre
  • Alexander
  • B52
  • Cosmopolitain
  • Vin chaud
  • caffè corretto al rum


  • soupe de legumes
  • Bread
    • classical (rye and wheat flour)
    • with chorizo
    • with herbs
    • pita
    • blinis
    • focaccia (pic1, pic2)
  • Mini quiches
    • leek
    • lorraine
  • Petits fours (pate feuillettee)
  • Tapas
    • rouleaux de galette au fromage frais
  • Salades
    • tomates aux herbes de provences
    • grecque
  • Tomates mozzarela
  • Chevres chaud aux herbes de provences
  • Puree d'avocats sur dinkelbrot
  • Tomates farcies au quinoa
  • hummus
  • falafels
  • Alfalfa sprouting (cf result and the Sprouter5000)
    • cooked as galette rolls with sliced shallot and fresh cheese
  • tapenade (bit too "fishy", closer to an anchoiade)
  • salade de carottes (avec citron, cacahuetes, bananes, huile d'olive)

Plats de resistance

  • sushi (pics)
  • Lentejas con Chorizo
  • Tartare de saumon
  • Tagine aux figues
  • Couscous royal
  • Sauce blanche aux courgettes
  • Galette de sarrazin complete
  • Pizza au salami et aux poivrons
  • Pasta
    • alla Bolognese
    • alla Carbonara
    • al Salmone (a la creme fraiche et au saumon)
    • alla Norma (with aubergines, tomatoes and cheese)
    • alle Melanzane (with just aubergines)
    • con i Broccoli (with garlic, broccoli and hot pepper)
  • Lasagne
    • vegetariennes
  • Boeuf avec sa sauce au poivre et ses petits poids
  • Saumon en papillote
  • Omelette
  • Poulet au curry
  • Pad thai
  • Quiche
    • lorraine
    • leek
  • Crevettes sautees au safran
  • Poulet dores aux pommes de terre nouvelles
  • Eminces de poulet sauce moutarde
  • Courgettes sautes et gratinees au fromage
  • Courgettes a la farce vegetarienne et sa chapelure
  • Tomates farcies
  • Pot-au-feu
  • Hachi-parmentier
  • Gratin Dauphinois
  • tortilla de patatas
  • pancakes
  • samossa


  • Salade de fruits frais
  • Crepes
  • Milkshake
  • Glace vanille aux cerises (fraiches et denoyautees)
  • Chocolate cookies
  • Far breton
  • Bananes flambees
  • Tarte aux pommes
  • Crumble (rhubarb)
  • Fondant au chocolat et sa creme anglaise
  • Chausson aux pommes
  • brioche
  • palets bretons

What Id like to try next

  • melanzane alla parmigiana
  • yaourt
  • Gazpacho andaluz
  • Cannelloni
  • Sauerkraut

My current basket

  • to add

My next basket

  • item
  • item
  • item
  • item
  • item
  • item

See Food.Basket for the complete version. (To do : use a mobile skin for it)

Previous basket (Summer 2009 in Saint-Maur, France)

Previous basket (Winter 2008 in Bretagne, France)

  • grains
    • whole grain break / pinkelbrot
    • rice
  • vegetables
    • carrots
    • broccoli
    • potatoes
    • beans
  • fruits
    • apples
    • oranges
    • lemons
    • bananas
  • dairy products
    • milk
    • goat cheese


  • Épinards Conserver les épinards dans un torchon humide ou un sac de plastique perforé dans le bac à légumes du réfrigérateur.
  • Brocoli Au frigo, le brocoli vit deux jours dans le bac à légumes et 4 jours s'il est maintenu non lavé dans un sachet plastique.

How to preserve for some days cooked food in a jar

  1. wash carefully a glass jar, then pour boiling water in it and turn it on a cloth to dry a bit
  2. put the stuff in while is warm (not very hot though)
  3. fill the jar almost to the top
  4. the last half a cm cover with oil
  5. pass some oil on the lead and close it very tightly
  6. turn the jar upside down and wait until it gets cold
  7. you'll see the the lead slighly vacuued down

can stay some days outside the fridge (depending on the food you cooked - peppers are the worst, highly fermenting- and the air temperature)

See also Conservation des aliments on Ekopedia

Why cooking faster matters

You have to always get a little bit of pressure to cook faster because it makes you gain efficiency in order to either

  • make complex dishes when you dont have a lot of time or
  • take more time to make even more complex dishes

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