Follow the principle of WikiBrainMapping but this time facilitate physical exploration by rather than relying on the knowledge of the brain, rely on the knowledge of a physical area, e.g. a city.

The key advantage being to leverage the very powerful geospatial memory acquired through trips.


Use the structure of the wiki (through PmWiki:PageList and PmWiki:Category ) associated with urban areas associated with specific functions to generate a realistic visualization (using Processing#ProcessingJS (thus also JavaScript).

  1. list in your city the town hall, the hospital, the school, the farmer market, the electricity suppliers, ...
  2. list here which page has what function
  3. associate each function with the city equivalents

The result could be either printed to facilitate carrying around and easy modification or used on a mobile device to allow for simple position tracking (cf Overlay).

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Inspired by

Watching a Starcraft II replay and having to remember the structure of the map without having physically explored it first, unlike the equivalent in a first-person shooter.