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    • answer
  • send powerful msg to others but mainly myself
    • cf burning boats in America newly discovered coast
    • Getting to Yes and making some of your options impossible

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To do

  1. looking at my managers and thus my potential (if everything went "well") future position
  2. re-organize Diploma in the AutoDebate format
    1. without deleting the previous content, letting it available through the history action=diff
  3. seedeabitlbee/LeaBenetou 25/06/2010 07:45
  4. from notebook (22/06/2010 in Paris)
    1. continuous learning
      1. independent and autonomous learning (strategically adapting)
        1. cf the key work in Education
      2. industry formatting (passively adapting)
        1. short-term efficient for both, long-term efficient mostly for the industry