Do not forget the most_used_commands (located in ~/bin) with for each their associated man page.

Inspired by

To do

  • restructure PmWiki as it so large (as of the 26/06/2011) yet fundamental
    • also based on the recent re-discovery of Prolog, the motivation of Needs and the recurrent desire of being able to "execute" information rather than simply display it, take the time to better understand which rules get executed and how
      • hopefully to be able to better either replace or extend the current core
    • list the most frequently used keywords from the original distribution but also from recipes in order to facilitate rewriting of the core efficiently
      • as overall applying periodic refactoring to the core itself should be a sound PIM practice
    • generalized to PageRefactoring
  • consider a bias per usage
    • see if= for restrictions
    • i.e. the most used tools should have more recalls than the rarely used ones
      • e.g. as of mid-2011 Vim should be recall and improved much more often than Fossil
    • the date of last edition is probably a good indicator