What a curious person you are!

As you have found out the "tshirt" has a QR codebar that lead to my homepage. There my picture lead to this page where I share information to access the "virtual Fabien".

It doesn't exist yet but... who knows ;)


Manage my identity online a provide a coherent and appealing avatar.


  • provide a link to a unique place with different means
    • URL
    • FoaF
    • QR codebar
    • ...
  • provide information
    • mostly... the content of this very wiki
  • provide a avatar
  • proper URL a la http://fabien.benetou.fr


  • QR barcode
  • ARToolKit
  • ...

See also

  • my notes on chapter 1 of Accelerando with mentions of "state vectors" and the possible parallel with manifold in Information Geometry