SundayGeekBrunch2016InventingOnPrinciple2 Sunday May 15 2016 from 10am to 2pm

#HASHTAGUNSET on Twitter,, Live Cast, TwitterStreamGraphs, Collecta, flickr

Own objectives

  1. improve my Programming by making being able to spawn, use, saving the result then close a sandbox

Attended activities

Sandboxed Re-Usable Exploration by myself

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Overall remarks and conclusions

  • difficult to pick the right layer and tools for abstraction and virtualization
    • VM, thin VM using AMI, docker, Ansible, etc
  • nothing usable done
    • why not?
      • unclear specifications
      • staying generalist and ideal instead of doing 1 instance then iterating
  • for next time consider
    • the ~/Prototypes folders on different computers
    • a wiki group e.g. SRE with for each page using Template
      • a goal e.g. learn about Docker
      • a timeframe e.g. half a day May 16 2016
      • a versionned Docker file linked to an older Docker file
        • could be stored on the wiki e.g. SER/SandboxName-Docker
    • how can the lessons learned be integrated back efficiently
    • the SER efficiently restarted in the (not too distant) future
    • what's the added value compared to...
      • BlockBuilder
      • Docker HUB
      • etc

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To do

  1. improve Template
  2. add map data (:ola-point lat= lon= text='':)