LifeHackingParisMarch2011, 28th of March 2011 at 19h30, FPH

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Own objectives

  1. share experience on contacts
  2. invite Sylvain

Attended activities

Managing Contacts by Fabien

Slides : ManagingContacts

  • some technical questions
  • what are the answers from the graph?
    • no eureka moment, mostly exploration
  • how to evaluate the result?
    • checking the usage log
    • personal relaxation
    • buffering links for others
  • overall I should warn that this is done step by step
    • without ever dedicating a large amount of time to it
    • the result seems like a lot of time but it is an additions of plenty of small moments
      • but with a structure and traces
  • see also

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Utiliser ses 10 doigts by Emmanuel

  • la souris c'est le mal
  • 4 items par groupe pr ne pas avoir a enumerer
  • presentation d'outils
  • combien de niveaux de profondeurs ?
    • 4 aussi, mais vu que c'est en context ca n'est pas forcement une limite
  • screen permet de nommer ses fenetres

Since then about 10 months without training again according to Tools. Back to the Menu

Overall remarks and conclusions

  • discussion sur l'economie et la repartition
  • discussion sur Drive et la motivation
    • en particulier pour les projets libres

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Other reviews or coverage

  • here

To do

  1. improve Template
  2. link back
    1. LifeHackingParisOctobre2010
    2. LifeHackingParisNovembre2010