Réunion du 22/11/2010, 22/11/2010

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Attended activities

  • Les clefs du bonheur
  • Memory Loss
  • Desencombrement
  • Cartographie des chemins
  • Retour sur les LifeHacks presentes la seance precedente

Les clefs du bonheur

Memory Loss

  • Slideshow
  • Q&A
    • risque de se faire editer ses infos
    • ROI
    • analyse des relations
    • risque d'oublier sans s'en rendre compte
    • etc
    • debut ?
      • ~1 mois

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Retour sur les LifeHacks presenter la seance precedente

  • ?

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Own objectives

  1. introduce Duong
  2. present MemoryLoss and note feedback
  3. ask Bastien if I can bring one eventually two guests (Paola and Joseph)
  4. meet that person

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Other reviews

  • here

To do

  1. improve Template
  2. link back to LifeHackingParisOctobre2010
    1. consider trail
  3. Etre heureux sans carte bleue, Sioux Berger, Librairie Mollat Bordeaux 2010
  4. My year of living biblically by A.J. Jacobs, TED 2008
    1. A. J. Jacobs' Official Website
  5. 13 dec