LessWrongBrusselsMarch2012 17th of March 2012

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Own objectives

  1. put my set of beliefs expressed in Beliefs straight
  2. discuss computer security and the popular decisions against it
    (w/ potential implication for mind uploading or whole brain emulation).

Attended activities (cf paper notes)

Actions for upcoming meetups

cf Hermione's notes

  • questions that make people think
    • importance of the formulation of the question
      • e.g. priming for discarding the "obvious" answer
    • a la Google interview
  • importance of the social context
  • gamification
    • with reward e.g. signed book, invited talk, karma points, ...
 Rational behavior¬Rational behaviorNotes
Problem occured/!\hand on hot iron, smoking, overeatingSeriousness might be relative
¬Problem occured(QED)shynessDifficult to spot then
NotesTypically filtered out by somebody considering himself or herself rationalSeem often related to "youth", emotionally heavy situations or socially enforced decisions 
  • difficult execise to do in public
  • could be interesting to privaly keep up to date, e.g. nightly, and see how it evolved over time
    • also input from close ones could help to add situations

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Own beliefs open scrutiny

  • overall extremely strange feeling, still very positive experience
  • potential bias based on the crowd present during the meeting
  • difficult of disproving certains beliefs
    • falsifiability
  • predictive power or information/action ratio to discuss, especially questionned during discussion on free will
  • cf Beliefs

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Overall remarks and conclusions

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Other reviews or coverage

  • here

To do

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