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  • Friday the 2nd - Pilgrimage with Paola to Galileo's birth house in Pisa, to Leonardo's museum in Vinci and mindwalking on the hills that inspired Dante
  • Saturday the 7th - Saying ciao to Paola (Rennes)
    • Managing a trip in the Mont Saint-Michel somehow




  • Monday the 17th - Meet the former coworkers from TF1
  • Saturday the 15th - "The pendaison de crémaillère du XV" de Phantom
  • Thursday the 13th/Friday the 14th - RDV des créateurs et dirigeants d'entreprises (Nantes grand-ouest)
    • Ask Jo and Nath if they can host me
  • Saturday the 1st - TDS birthday party (cf email g3tw33d)


  • Saturday the 25th - Adama 's birthday / Singularity Summit 08
  • Tuesday the 22nd - OpenCog tutorial session #7
  • Saturday the 18th - Forum des métiers aux Cordeliers à Dinan (validation sent)
  • 14th to 16th - Salon des micro-entreprises
  • Wednesday the 15th - Conférence à l'Assomption à Rennes sur la différenciation pédagogique (à compléter)
  • 13rd to 14th - Salon ICC 2008
  • Friday the 10th - Go to an NBIC conference with Adama
  • Thursday the 9th - share a coffee with Celine
  • Thursday the 9th - La Créativité (Trempli-UTC antenne IDF)
  • Aller : le Mercredi 08/10 à 17h05 I TGV08052
    • Référence du dossier : IRGMBSR
    • Nom associé : IBENETOU
  • Friday the 4th to Tuesday the 7th - Welcome Cindy from Switzerland
  • Thursday the 2nd - Waterproof de Daniel Larrieu au Triangle à Rennes



  • Dimanche 24 - Presentation du projet "autonomie energetique" a Gilbert et Lea
  • Samedi 23 - Emmanuel and Carine's wedding
  • Samedi 23 - arrivee en France
  • Friday the 22nd - Flight back
  • Monday the 18nd - (Eventually) Going to Santa Cruz
  • Sunday the 17th - Nathan's jetset again
  • Sunday the 17th - AI Meetup #94
  • Saturday the 16th - End of Ha ha summer camp
  • Friday the 15th - Nathan Lands on Frisco
  • Friday the 15th - Leaving the fraternity house
  • Friday the 15th - End of the second session
  • Tuesday the 12th - Saying bye to Daniele and Celine
  • Sunday the 10th - Oakland museum (free)
  • Sunday the 10th - Cognitive Science Reading & Discussion Group August Meetup
  • Friday the 8th till Sunday the 10th - Camping in Yosemite Park
  • Thrusday the 7th - Botanical Garden (free)
  • Tuesday the 5th - Returning to SF Moma for "Room for Thought" (Alexander Hahn and Yves Netzhammer) and Elise S. Haas masterworks (free)
  • Tuesday the 5th - YBCA (free)
  • Saturday the 2nd - Welcoming Daniele and Celine in San Francisco


  • Tuesday the 22th - Berkeley Philosophy Meetup Group
  • Sunday the 20th - Stern Grove Festival
  • Saturday the 19th - Feist, starting at 8PM at the Greek theater.
  • Friday the 18th - End of the first session at Ha ha summer camp
  • Wednesday the 16th - Jump Start Entrepreneur Meetup
  • Sunday the 13th - Cognitive Science Reading & Discussion Group July Meetup
  • Saturday the 12th - San Francisco. De Young Museum
  • Sunday the 6th - San Francisco. Walk from Embarcadero to the Golden gate bridge and return to Powell station
  • Friday the 4th - Independance day, BBQ at the frat
  • Thursday the 3rd - Berkeley Museum


  • Friday the 21st - Arrival