Exercise: Use all available primitives (<a-box>, <a-cone>, <a-cylinder>, <a-plane>, <a-ring>, <a-sky>, <a-sphere>, <a-torus>) only and color to represent the room we are in. If you feel limited use also rotation, position and scale.

There is no cheating, if you do no cheat in ANY possible way (spying on your neighbour, exploring the doc, finding online examples, etc) then you make your life harder for no good reasons. How much notes did you take so far? How are you notes organized? If the workshop was to stop right now, would feel comfortable doing all that again without them?

Extra exercise : make a copy of the same room but smaller and in a different location by only adding 2 lines.

How did you do that? Did it make sense? Can you imagine other situations where it could be useful?

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