From personal use

  • form autofill autocmd DocLoad fabien\.benetou\.fr.*action=edit js document.getElementById("author").value = "Fabien"
  • viewconfig autocmds to list auto commands
  • browser.extension.inIncognitoContext to check for browsing context in js e.g autocmd
  • autocmd TabEnter .* js fetch("http://localhost:7777/currenturl?url="+window.location.href+"&referrer="+document.referrer) to track any tab newly focused on
  • jsb to execute JavaScript int the background
    • see also Messaging.messageTab()
  • ;; to select an element and be able to scroll on any pane e.g Discord, Element or Tridactyl documentation
  • C-, to reclaim focus from anywhere, including pointer hovering on video, URL bar, etc
  • autocmd DocStart ^http(s?):// js tri.excmds.urlmodify("-t", "", "http://localhost:9999/")
  • bind E js document.location.href += '?action=edit' to edit the current wiki page
  • autocontain -u Banking autocontainerisation for e.g banking
  • bind <C-X> js fetch(... binding to add to real list with optional selection
  • bind x js setInterval( () => { window.scrollBy(0, 1) } , 100 ); autoscroll
    • PDF equivalent as = setInterval( () => { document.querySelector("#viewerContainer").scrollBy(0, 1) } , 100 );, works in tridactyl
      • Gist but not for Tridactyl

To explore

  • Past Vimperator bindings

See also

  • the tridactyl Matrix room is active and helpful
  • Vimperator that it is replacing


My notes on Tools gather what I know or want to know. Consequently they are not and will never be complete references. For this, official manuals and online communities provide much better answers.