• manage AHK script
    • #F1::Run "c:\Program Files\Vim\vim72\gvim.exe" "C:\Documents and Settings\tyflser\My Documents\AutoHotkey.ahk"
    • #F2::Reload
  • change script editor
    • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AutoHotkeyScript\Shell\Edit\Command
  • start app with a specific position and size
    • Run "C:\Program Files\PuTTY\putty.exe" -load seedea
    • WinWait - PuTTY
    • WinMove, 0, 548
    • return
    • note that Putty has restrictions (step by step resizing) which can eventually be overcame through its startup options
  • start text editor then paste the current buffer in it
    • Run c:\Program Files\Vim\vim72\gvim.exe
    • WinWait [No Name] - GVIM
    • WinActivate
    • Send ^v
    • return
  • Escape Flash application from Vimperator
    • echo "MouseClick, left, 266, 771" > c:\bottomclick.ahk
    • #z::Run c:\bottomclick.ahk
  • bind Windows+Fn key to start a program
    • #F8::Run cmd /k CD /d e:\home\utopiah

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  1. share Path:/pub/toolsfiles/AutoHotkey.ahk (02/04/2011 version)
  2. is also used to resize a window


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