1. Explanation https://twitter.com/utopiah/status/1396573080038879243
  2. Note that for now the URL parameter is disable on PmWiki until proper security consideration
  3. Could instead be its own action with a modified template to modify the header
  4. e.g remove wiki title, add close button, etc.
  5. See Tools/KDE for Kwin Window rules examples.

https://fabien.benetou.fr/PIMVRdata/WindowsSetup?action=edit&kwin=kwintest1 https://fabien.benetou.fr/Tools/Eink?kwin=kwintest2

  1. hierarchy of KWin rules
    1. e.g. refactored to have most properties for all, tag kwin
    2. but only size/pos per tag, tag kwintest1