• start date: Sep 1st 2013
  • end date: Oct 20th 2013
  • platform : Coursera
  • status : Ongoing



  • banks of banks
  • shadow banks
  • schools of thought
  • should find a schematic of a complete transaction with the different type of money used
    • for example for a simple transfer between two individuals from different banks
  • "pretty much all money is inside money, [...] money as stuff, as an asset, no. Almost all money is somebody liabilities, somebody's promises somewhere" in 2-3
  • pyramid model showcasing
    • qualitative difference vertically quantitative difference horizontally
    • dynamism with expansion (during boom) and contraction (during crisis)
    • discipline on money at the top (currency principle), elasticity with credits at the bottom (banking principle)
    • structural rules, ability to expand at one level without impacting the upper level
      • expect with the upper level consent
  • clearing house seems equivalent to peering

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