1. generate new object
    1. generate object instance (e.g. 3D print, wav output, make robot move, ...) if not "type" specified pick one randomly amongst the available ones (e.g. image, choreography, piece of software, ...) cf
      1. generate object string (purely random or via increasingly close to existing and successful design amongst a network of patterns)
      2. convert object string to specific design
      3. test design through simulations against own defined set of constraints (e.g. support specific weight, matches aesthetic patterns, ...)
    2. iterate over existing design
      1. select problematic subpart and regenerate it with a more precise set of constraints
      2. combine 2 existing objects
        1. one as subpart of the other (e.g. engine as part of car)
        2. blend on the same level

All this as action over a network of objects

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