Ways to Support world’s first Web-based AR Hackathon

(hashtag : #hackwebxrSF )

Sponsor Challenges

Do you have a business or industry challenge, or an exciting project idea for entertainment or public good that you believe needs to be addressed with Web-based AR?

Please propose/sponsor your own challenge! Send us a detailed description of the problem. Why is using Web AR the best way to address or solve your challenge?

What sort of prize will you offer to motivate teams to work on your challenge?

On June 2, you will choose the best project focusing on your challenge and give your prize to the winning team.

Hackathon Support

We can’t accept your money, but we warmly welcome your donations in other ways:

  • Put expenses on your company credit card
  • Cocktails and/or dinner or snacks on opening night May 31
  • Breakfast June 1 and/or 2 (maybe choose a nearby coffee beverage venue for pre-opening breakfast and gab about your company’s projects (before Reactor Space opens at 10 AM)
    • Lunches
  • Dinners
  • Technical mentors/helpers who are not going to be judges
  • A developer “zone” or suitable place if some teams want to work together later than 10 PM
  • Wearable Display Devices (HoloLens; HoloLens 2, Magic Leap One, Bose Frames, fitbit, DIY Kits, etc)
  • Phones and tablets supporting AR functions e.g. iPhone 6S and above, iPads, etc
  • Software licenses (see below)
  • Models of objects to include in experiences
  • Places to include in AR experiences (nearby the Reactor)
  • Data sets
  • Designers with 3D tool skills
  • Promote the event in all your networks via e.g. the hashtag #hackwebxrSF

If you would like to donate any of the above resources or support, please contact the organizing team as soon as possible. We will recognize your support on this web site and during the opening of the hackathon on May 31.

If you’re a provider of tools or you have a platform and are planning to provide hackathon support, we would like to brief you and collaborate on ways to increase your impact. We will take steps to: Record a video interview with Fabien and/or Christine about your tools Schedule, promote to all hackathon attendees and give a one-hour webinar and developer keys to your platform in advance of the hackathon Provide good documentation/tutorials that people could use in the weeks ahead of hackathon weekend

Please contact the organizing team for next steps.