W3CWebVRWorkshop October 2016 in San Jose

#W3CVR on Twitter, identi.ca, Live Cast, TwitterStreamGraphs, Collecta, flickr

Own objectives

  1. state of the art on specs and how I can use them for Wiki.VirtualRealityInterface
  2. specs process
  3. push for get link traversal working
  4. what can I apply to Fabien.Principle

Attended activities

Opening in plenary

  • Sean White's intro
    • long now
    • mention of Aframe, A-painter, Argon
    • what's webVR comparative advantage
    • webVR as MR kickstarting platform
  • webVR intro
    • browsers "race" view to the spec implementation
    • more changes before more stability (hence point of pinning)
    • webVR as web, a mess of tools, platforms, content, etc
    • Daydream first... trial origin... after January
    • full Chrome VR browser after 1st half 2017, not desktop first
  • overall feels like it's mobile first
    • great for democratization, tricky once you have tried "proper" VR with 6DoF controllers and can't go back
  • Facebook Carmel and Samsung "VR-first browser" both based on Chromium
    • Samsung "VR-first browser", allows for traversal in VR?
    • looks

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First round table session

  • morning
    • demo of link traversal
    • input polyfill
    • accessibility
  • afternoon
    • threejs telemetry demo
    • glTF
    • declarative frameworks

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Link traversal breakout session

  • cf my Google Docs

Overall remarks and conclusions

  • difficulty of going all through the stack, from low level to UX, security to file format, etc
  • tricky to develop for content supposedly instantaneously available on ALL machine and yet, always having to find the lowest common denominator
  • headache of responsive x adaptive x accessible intractable combinations

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Other reviews or coverage

To do

  1. improve Template
  2. add map data (:ola-point lat= lon= text='':)