ParisPIMBarCamp date and time

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Attended activities


  • knowing yourself better to manage yourself better
  • motivation
    • "the data deluge" cover of The Economist


  • life hacking
  • pim
  • quantifiable self


  • barcamp
  • workshop

suggestions of guests

  • librarian
  • Nicholas Felton (so far, non automated according to DataJournalism docu)

ideas of activities

  • having a KM enable during the whole session
    • twitter hashtag
    • wiki


  • transhumanists
  • geeks productiity oriented
  • self-explorer, introspection

place to communicate on

  • H+ forum
  • La Cantine
  • My Business Education
  • Meetup

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Own objectives

  1. help on that issue
  2. learn this
  3. meet that person

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Other reviews

  • here

To do

  1. improve Template
  2. include previous work on the topic
    1. MyPIM?action=slideshow
    2. RencontreAFTParis?action=slideshow
  3. prepare the collaboration platform
    1. consider inclusion in http://OurP.IM