Gathering links that could be useful during the 1st design+innovation BarCamp Paris (#dicamp on twitter)

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Crowdsourcing group

Large diagram organized around the concept of "gerer sa communaute" initiated by the "Besoin" (properly explained).

Related concepts : Grégarisme (fr), Stigmergy, Eusociality, Ant_colony_optimization, Bee_colony_optimization, Mixed-species foraging flock.

Business model innovation group

Ask @Phan_tom_99

Open manufacturing group

Proposed but nobody came, wrote a quick sum up for the local french transhumanistes Yahoo! group instead


  • Crowdsourcing (add Kenza's french example), open manufacturing, ... with all the changes, is anybody or everybody a designer? If so, what is the place of the "old" designer as he was?
  • who is already leveraging the semantic web for design?
  • are there repositories of blueprints? Open manufacturing?