10:27 < theblackbox> http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn/A23689-2003Jul7

10:48 < UtopiahGHML> well private information has always been a problem in research fields, it's all about seizing precious information first that gives value to it

10:57 < theblackbox> but I think link #1 points to an almost ignored potential for disaster in the modern world, where those who "create security" are woefully behind the times of this "information age"

10:59 < UtopiahGHML> that's funny because I wanted yesterday to write a short article about hacking/pirating and the key lessons it tought me


  • security can not be undertand by looking at one side of the mirror
  • security is not related to moral or ethics
  • security is a rat race on knowledge
  • information accuracy and pace of aquisition is key
  • understand the topology of a network is key
  • what "adults" or "law" is irrelevant to what is possible or not, etc