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Opinion and remarks

Logarithm curve with price and taste (or enjoyment or perceived pleasure). The tipping point one can call the BS point is when the taste difference is simply too subtle to be noticed (except from few oenologists) and thus only the price has an influence.

This behavior is not entirely ridiculous as wine aficionado are very social animals i.e. who cares how you taste, what matters is your status.


  • Wikipedia:Mondovino directed by Jonathan Nossiter, 2004
  • Le vin et son histoire en France, selon le géographe Roger Dion, Canal Academie May 2010
    • historical model of Roger Dion studying quality wines not limited to agricultural requirements but also connecting it with the terroir and even the entire vignoble to a proximate market
      • most, if not all, currently well known wines still follow that model
      • those proximate markets also have requirements themselves with
        • a "savoir boire", wine education, and
        • buying power
  • ecce vino Le 1er guide des vins sur internet

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