1st day in Ha Ha This A-way


I'm a teacher now! Not really because I start with 36 children tomorow. I meet the other members staff in the camp. I meet again Jim of course, he's the big boss, Cathleen and Sky. And some new people Sophia, Dave and Lacey, Tomorow I'll meet Laila and Katie. So we clean up the studio, art supplies, costumes, cubby, books, games...

For the first session there is half boys and grils, a lot of campers are back from the next year. We eating two huge pizza for lunch, chicken and peperoni. There is a new floor in the studio, so it will be a hard mission to keep it clean with all those crazy and funny children. So a busy day to organize all this thinghs, particulary for Jim I guess. I give to him a ridiculous present at the end of the day and after he gives me his mother's bike with a beautiful helmet. Around 4:15p.m.

I leave 8th street to come back on the K.A. house with the bicycle. Fabien is not here that's why I can eat an ice cream without pressure. But I have no key, it's quite a problem because I want take a shower after all this bicycle trip. It's 5p.m. and my bag desapear, Fabien is back. We go to drink a coffee, and an orange juice for me.

Good day in Berkeley, the summer starting!

written by Lea

Ps: bathroom code is 134.

Link website: HahaThisAway.com