The trip pascaline's key no flat delayed flight Dallas boarding - fire alarm everybody is craving for ... electricity plugs ! (even guys over 50) everybody is overconnected (blackberry, iphone, smartphone, wifi, bluetooth headset, ...) D->SF : mountains (eclairs) no working wifi ds aeroports people are extremely talkative or at least eager to engage in conversations

Analysis of freedom requirement to conform despite being in a "freedom place" ? (discussion Paola sur consommation 22/06)

Kappa Alpha Order, chapter Alpha Xi mindset in the kicthen "where can I put this thing I just cleaned ?!" fraternite masculine et ses consequences

The hyppie spirit farmer market with the band and the "saving the salmon" session ( go= )

> no apple but peach, no tomatoes but carottes, ...

save the trees from the football fans !

The rest...

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