parking with a view

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[19:24] Utopiah: I made some pasta today [19:24] Utopiah: and that was too much but ... too good, so I ate everything. [19:25] Utopiah: So I thought "hmmm nice... but either I go for a nap and wake up at 5pm without having done anything of my day ... or I go for a walk !" [19:26] Utopiah: then I thought "ok lazy, that's the moment when you STOP thinking and pack your stuff and go" [19:26] Utopiah: so I picked my current book number 7 and a bottle of water [19:26] Utopiah: then I went uphill... [19:26] Utopiah: I started to walk. [19:27] Utopiah: The more I walked, the more I sweat, the better is the view so ... [19:27] Utopiah: I keep on walking till I reach the top. [19:27] Utopiah: Once there... there is another top of the hill ! [19:27] Utopiah: So ... I just keep on going. The view was soooo nice. [19:27] Utopiah: And the weather, just perfect. [19:27] X: eheh [19:28] Utopiah: So once on the very top I just walk a bit more and rest under the trees and remove my shirt to dry it. [19:28] Utopiah: I make a little branch system so that the wind can shake and dry it. [19:29] Utopiah: I think about the world and stuff there then I start to come back. [19:29] Meebo Message: Could not connect to network. [19:29] Utopiah: (after seing that a guy installed his hamac and stuff just behind my spot but ... he wasn't there) [19:30] X: good thinking [19:30] Utopiah: Anyway I go back and start to go downhill but slowly, I had havayanas (brazilian flip flap) [19:30] Utopiah: (indeed) [19:30] Meebo Message: Could not connect to network. [19:30] Utopiah: And I thought "hmmm it's really warm and dry here, maybe some scorpio or snake could be here..." [19:31] Utopiah: so I walk like an elephant, stomping the ground to make resonnating noise [19:31] X: scorpion [19:31] X: unless you're worried about encountering someone born in november... [19:31] Utopiah: (I am !) [19:31] Utopiah: so I keep on stomping [19:31] X: can't say i blame you! [19:31] X: okay. [19:31] Utopiah: then ok, nothing... [19:32] Utopiah: then I walk and " .... hmmm funny shape... hey what is that actually ... whaaaaaat !" [19:32] Utopiah: my foot was 20cm away from a snake. [19:32] X: what kind of snake? [19:32] Utopiah: then I start to look at the tail ... roundy bumpy thingy ! [19:32] X: did it make any noise? [19:32] Utopiah: It was like 60cm long (unfold) [19:33] Utopiah: a bit, and his head was tonguy tonguy splitted, quite big [19:33] Utopiah: like sssss sssss ssssplitted tongue [19:33] X: no, noise like a-- oh, okay. [19:33] Utopiah: but it wasn't a boa, Im sure [19:33] X: but it had what looked like a rattle on the end? [19:34] Utopiah: yes [19:34] X: like this: [19:34] X: [19:34] Utopiah: like I think [19:35] Utopiah: is it dangerous ? [19:35] X: what kind of snake is that in the picture you sent? [19:36] Utopiah: NATURAL HISTORY: Venomous. The toxin is extremely dangerous and medical attention should be sought immediately (the bite is potentially fatal -- when bitten, [19:36] Utopiah: woops [19:36] Utopiah: but maybe it wasn't the same [19:36] Utopiah: difficult to distinct if you are not a pro Im sure [19:36] Meebo Message: Could not connect to network. [19:36] Utopiah: [19:37] Meebo Message: Could not connect to network. [19:37] X: it wasn't a rattlesnake [19:37] X: i'm willing to bet you it was a bull snake [19:37] X: people who don't know snakes can never tell the two apart [19:37] X: and bull snakes use mimicry to scare their predatory [19:37] X: *predators [19:37] Utopiah: maybe , what Im sure was the tail and the patterns [19:37] X: bull snakes have that tail [19:38] X: and a very similar pattern [19:38] Utopiah: well, for all I care, I wasn't bitten, rattle snake or bull snake [19:38] X: well, that's the thing [19:38] X: if it were a rattler [19:38] X: and you were that close [19:38] X: it would have bitten you [19:38] Utopiah: I tried to play with rocks with him but he wasn't very playful [19:39] X: and you would have heard him long before you saw him [19:39] Utopiah: actually it was pretty dump/sleepy, dunno [19:39] Utopiah: (like rocks went 5cm away from its head and no reaction at all) [19:39] Utopiah: except when it reached the side on the path then it made it clear that I wasn't suppose to play with it [19:40] Utopiah: (very strange behavior) [19:41] Utopiah: well I was maximum 50cm from it since I do 1m steps max (but not on high slopes like that) [19:41] Utopiah: and it was next to the path when it started to cross [19:41] Utopiah: so maybe not 20cm, I can't say with certitude since it probably was a stressful situation [19:41] Utopiah: but I was really astonished to notice it that late [19:42] Utopiah: so Id say "pretty-close" cm [19:42] X: yeah [19:42] X: you probably would have noticed it sooner [19:42] X: and i'm sure it was sunning [19:42] X: they do that, you know [19:42] Utopiah: sunning ? [19:42] X: lying in the sun [19:43] X: so as to absorb heat [19:43] Utopiah: maybe [19:43] X: lizards do it too [19:43] X: well, all cold-blooded animals do [19:43] X: don't you have snakes in france? [19:43] Utopiah: but when I stopped 2m away to look at it, it crossed to be in the shadows [19:43] X: and scorpions aren't just... wandering around [19:43] X: they live under other things [19:43] X: brb [19:43] Utopiah: we do but smallers one (still venemous though, depends where) [19:44] Utopiah: it was definitely the biggest snake Ive met live alone outside of a zoo [19:45] Utopiah: is it allowed to eat them ?