Motivated by FutureOfText itself motivated by VirtualRealityInterface itself motivated by the necessity to manage information, thus this very PIM/PKM.


Finding then using the right interface is like finding a shortcut while going up a hill. Each step is a challenge but if you do find the right interface for your needs, e.g a higher level language or a reliable library to include in your code, you remain on the path of your goal and get there significantly faster.


  • prioritizing prototyping based on novel interface maximum agency
  • highest level for largest controllability at the necessary lowest level
  • consciousnesses as an allocation and scheduling solution to lower level interfaces ( and unconscious processes)
    • itself an interface
    • thought of during flotation tank session
  • without provenance backtracking through interfaces is often too challenging to be practical
    • inverse problem that does not scale well

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Being both flexible enough to efficiently reconfigure, each parts being able to "move freely", yet able to stay stable once it has be relied on, thus becoming a dependency.

See StructuralInformationAsymmetries and Principle

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