A long and beautiful walk from Embarcedero to Fort Mason (under the Golden Gate Bridge) and return by the hills of SanFrancisco to Powell Station.

It was very cool with my old brother, we take pictures and seen lot of things. But then my left foot was dead, not a bit problem, just because we made a long walk I thought.

During all the week, nothing happened, my left foot still very painful.

Fabien told me to go to the swimming pool but I was too tired. Friday evening I go to downtown Berkeley and Telegraph Street to buy a Twix Peanut Butter and then I was back at the frat my other foot give me pain. I didn't understand, I think it will be passed but no.

Saturday we go back in SF to visit De Young Museum. When we arrive I was too hurt for walking, Fabien asked for a wheelchair and I visit the museum with it, a really strange and frightening experience. Then we go back, we go in Alamo Park to see the old victorians houses. The museum was good, it was a good day but I was very anxious about my feet and Fabien would be patient with me, his handicaped sister.

It's Sunday. Im in the swimming pool with my feet, I paid 5$ because Im not a UCB student. My feet are still painful, I don't understand.

If nothing changes I have to see a physician but I won't, it's expensive and I don't know how to explain what I have. Shit.

Except this everything is good.