Qualifying me as a "bot" or having "rotobtic features" you actually questionned my human nature, jokingly or seriously. Since you were definitely not the first person to do so, here is a structured page (yet human-readable) to elaborate on that topic in order to hopefuly help us both.

Questions to explore

  • Should I be offended?
  • Did you actually ask a proper question?
  • Did you ponder this very question yourself?
  • What led you to such a conclusion?
  • What are the consequences of my education?
    • laicity
    • science
      • carthesian method, logic
      • mathematics
      • computer science
        • artificial intelligence
  • What are the cues that lead you to this idea?
    • potentially misleading behaviors
  • What are emotions?
    • emotions are quick heuristic that takes over before more costly but more effective rational decision making takes place
  • Don't be surprised I made such a page as Im not surprised you are surprised to know that such a page do exist.

Human nature


religious bias, upraising, humanocentric, ...


biological machinery, quantum physics, ...


reductionism, idealism, ...