Jump Start Entrepreneurship

Yesterday (the 16th of July) I went to a MeetUp group called "Jump Start Entrepreneurship", sounded pretty good regarding my position today (trying to make my project become reality) right ? So I went there at ... 8am (sic), go in the back room and see few old ladies and Im like ... hmmm maybe it's not hereso I kind of go back to the bar and ask people. They do confirm that it's in the back so I go back, present myself and ask what Im supposed to do. I order my stuff (5$ donation for the cafe with coffee and big muffin) and sit down. ... to see the room filling itself with old ladies !

Im like "... gosh is that the entrepreneurship group...", then we presented ourselves in 30 sec each and ... except me and 2 other guys, everybody was ... (old yes but) doing ... What do you think all their businesses were ? Knittle? No. Bingo? No. Baking? No.

They were ...

Soul healers !!! then I was like "WHAT THE HELL !!??!!!! I freaking woke up at 6:40 and walked fast and paid stuff and ... crazy old hippies talking shakras and stuff... this can't be real man !?" *

but, because there is a but, it actually was interesting (and good muffin). Of course it was, I stayed open minded, I listened to the universe, and the universe thanked me (yes, I did learned few new key words). Well actually it was very interesting because in the end whatever they do, whoever they are they are still entrepreneurs. I don't want their product but this is NOT the point. Im not their age but this is NOT the point. I share the same goal than they do : to make my life a better life by making the world a better place while staying independent and free.

So I took notes, I just abstracted the subject (as I would have done anyway), I stayed open minded and actually learned a lot (most people do NOT cares about the internal mechanisms, emotional vs analytical marketing, non virtual local businesses mechanisms, ...) and had a great time.

written by Fabien.

* I do respect other beliefs, being spiritual, religious or anything, I was just VERY surprised as it was, for me, highly unexpected.