Tools used in the formalization

See BeingNoOne for the others notes.

Chapter 3 - Tools I

Chapter 5 - Tools II (focusing on self-representation)

Chapter 6 - The Representational Deep Structure of the Phenomenal First-Person Perspective

Syntactic definitions (p398 to 402)

  • I* content of the conscious, current transparent model of the self
  • [I am certain that I* exist] active phenomenal content
  • <I> current conscious thought is a component of the speaker's self-model
  • <I*> transparent partition of the self-model
  • [I*] content of the transparent self-model
  • [I* exist] decisive property of the transparent self-model

Additional key concepts

  • State-space semantics (SSS) introduced by Churchland (1986) p112
  • active externalism (AE) introduced by Andy Clark and David Chalmers (1998) p112
  • global workspace theory (GWT) introduced by Bernard Baars (1988) p120
  • highest-order binding (HOB) introduced by Meztinger (1995) p137
  • functional cluster index (CI) introcued by Edelman and Tononi (1996) p141
    • "To have an integrated, globally coherent model of the world means to create a global functional cluster, that is, an island of maximal causal density within one's own representational system." p141