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(inc. technical ToDo, Bugs, Lessons learned, Technologies, ...)

Note that actually deciding WHICH features to implement are strategical choices first then technical ones but still based on the estimation of time required to implement them.

To do

Those should be justified by explaining what value it creates for the user according to Goal.

  1. create Blog section for progresses
    1. consider Cookbook:BlogIt
    2. with RSS
  2. create a wiki farm to share recipes and structure of others lab project and thus facilitate the lab dashboard
  3. add to each PTV with their date and their closing date
  4. apply example rather than check in every method BUT the landing page
  5. consider open-source p2p small hardware version
    1. a la Status.Net in a DebianBox or on a hardware dedicated for meetings (cf Tweets cc @CyBunk)
  6. China specific
    1. (Chinese Facebook)
      1. OAuth?
    2. youku, kaixin, ...
      1. consider instead【连接空间】OAuth登录文档 (according to Quora on Kaixin)
  7. consider reading Programming Collective Intelligence, Building Smart Web 2.0 Applications by Toby Segaran, O'Reilly Media 2007
    1. while keeping FB_Wiki:Events/RailsCampParis3#OwnObjectives in mind
  8. consider p2p aGPL for Seedea:Content/Predictions#NearbyPlatform
    1. see work done for Seeks
    2. page on FreeBox, LaDistribution, OpenWrt, DebianKindBox, ... potential target platform?
      1. their requirements, possibilities, licenses and who is managing them, etc
  1. limit requests#index #edit #destroy to admin user only
  2. tests to pass
    1. share to a person that has never joined WheelShare
      1. allow him or her to receive this when he does
    2. refresh the list of participant, not nuggets received per participant
  3. crash test dummy to avoid requiring a friend to test
    1. if first usage, then use it for a "demo" of link exchange
  4. open read-only user-friendly URLs
      1. resulting in Paris area with default space radius with default time radius meaning now
    2. if nothing at that location and time, propose to join to add
      1. add the link, then make the account creation process and directly post the link to that area
    3. this way no need to login or require geolocalization
  5. ability to name non-official physical space for recurrent event
    1. e.g. redirects to
  6. make a visualization of the new social affordance generated on the spot
  7. apply the result of FB_Wiki:MemoryRecalls/ImprovingPIM#TimelyCoeditions
  8. use FB_Wiki:Cookbook/Overlay#PathFinder
    1. consider recent Google I/O talk on geolocation


  1. let a @Participant subscribe
  2. share a @Link from one @Participant to another
  3. read shared @Links
  1. change the size of the inclusive circle based on population density
    1. tiny in large city, big in campaign

Optional features




User (cf omnisocial model)





 (type:{individual, broadcast}) assuming everything is individual

Gathering (currently assuming 1 gathering in which recently connected users participates)



list nearby gatherings person from gathering links from gathering


add share add ref add person to gathering

Problems to solve

To integrate

  • (cf motivation)
  • get notified via email/twitter/facebook


  • more than 4 persons
    • if less then it is probably easier to remember everything
  • less than 20 persons
    • at least change the visualization
    • might not want to share your contact information to that many persons

default settings

  • all private
    • all public

user actions

  • reminder to send later
  • request a nugget


  • map a grid on the table using the table_type


step by step

  • new user
    • get information
    • register
  • existing user
    • see his shared links
      • requires current_user?
    • join a gathering
      • requires current_user?
    • share a link
      • requires joined_gathering?
    • logout (is this really required?)
  • create -> login -> join gathering -> share link -> leave
  • login -> check shared links -> logout
  • ...


consider in the scenarii non technical ones where the person would rather not use the service


or "user narratives of this user or this person" according to WikisBuffer#Dorsey?

  • Scenario 2 : A business meeting nearby the lake
  • Date : 11th of June 2011
  • Situation : Marc invited everybody to discuss about his startup project in a coffee facing the lake of Geneve.
  • Participants : Marc, Jeanne, Stephane, George
  • Actions
    • Marc arrives first...
    • The participants welcome each other. They do not know each others except March
    • ...

Paola scenario #1

remarks : less technical, less centered around the application, less discussions about alternatives

  • Meeting: activities to do during a we
  • Participants
    • Laura
    • Eric
    • MarK
    • Fred
    • Liv
  • Eric proposes meeting at his place
  • Mark and Laura arrive to Eric's house
  • Liv, sister of Eric joins them in the house
  • Fred participates online
  • Discussion starts: proposals are made, not everybody knows all the places or have doubts about localities, wheather, accomodation
  • Liv brings her laptop, from which she is talking to Mark
  • Fred is suggesting places through Liv
  • Eric suggests they all be able to see what Fred says and interact with him
  • there are just two laptops, so Eric proposes they all log into WheelShare, to evaluate the links
  • Laura doesnt know how to look for links and switch to WheelShare on her iPhone, wanders if she has to memorize the link, write it down
  • Mark wonders if there is a way to have a toolbar search on Wheelshare to be able to drag and drop the links
  • Fred send links to the other 4, but they dont always work on the Iphone
  • Liv wonders how to keep track of the links of places shortlisted, and then of the better weather forecast, accomodations and activities related to those places
  • Laura takes a note pad while Mark opens a .txt. They fight.
  • Eric keeps on sharing links to the rest and they get lost
  • Liv says she is lost with the amount of links.
  • Fred is lost and wonders if he should have gone to the meeting.
  • Eric suggests to create folders and decide at the end.

Known problem

  • make smaller font/images when there are more people
  • saving the nuggets does not redirect to the refreshed /users page
  • the table is too slow to load
  • the landing page does not redirect current_user? to /users
    • and the opposite /users does not redirect current_user? to /landing
  • no personal URL
  • drag&drop is not that obvious on the web

Known bugs

  1. dropping the link on a face opens it
    • solved by removing the link


 if (REFRESH used || BACK used) then fail
 if (DROPLINK opens page) then fail

send nugget via drop link

  1. check if it submits then opens, if so reload page rather than open

save nugget

  1. work then reload /users page

AJAX to periodially reload the list of shared nuggets


asked Lea 11/05/2011 right after making , cf email, asked again the 22/05/2011

support: la table pr pouvoir poser dessus

 pas de compartiment

devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, tec

 utiliser ton Facebook dans les "devices"

un mec en pointille avec un "+" pr faire "ajouter qqn!" un mec "Crash test dummy"

 histoire de pas avoir un ami sous le coude pr tester et se taper la honte

logos sites sociaux: Facebook et Twitter

Pseudo code to use

share() if (last link shared == same than previous){

	do not share
	send message


not really solving the root problem

	feedback would
		reload whole page
		force display
		add hightlight color (JS effect)

if (total users to display == 1)

	add crash-test-dummy
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