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Purposefully and actively rethink the environment as a 4D matrices in which useful sticky notes can be added anywhere and at any moment in time in the future. Basically, the world is not just readable but also writable and dynamically, not just your own house or desk.

Overall one could consider this localized in space and time cognition offloaded in the environment.


Use physical affordances to create cognitive affordances to lower the cognitive load by displaying information just-in-time and "just-in-place" (a geospatial equivalent)

Example: make your phone vibrate based on geolocation so that when you enter the perimeter of the shop, it lets you know that you how things to buy and shows the list.




  • anime like Evangelion but also movies like Minority Report have a large emphasis on interfaces that immerse people in information
    • ironically enough in a normal setting without technology one already surrounded in information


    • created few tags so far (2 in Sceaux, 1 in Denver)

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