From personal use

  • scripts (can) work by default with Chrome (and thus Iron)

Virtual Blinders

In order to make CognitiveEnvironments more efficient, use the concept of Wikipedia:Blinders with Path:/pub/currenttask. It uses my Irssi#ActivitiesAliases to display my status, hide incoming messages and change my screen display to a page of recommended behavior.

Note that others can thus use this to synchronize their own activities with mine and for example avoid sending inappropriate requests. This is currently reachable through a simple GET request but could, upon demand, become a WebHook. It is also available at Contact#Status.

See also EightSixtwo which delays the page for 30 seconds.

To do

  1. add "introspection" mode that blocks everything but OwnWikisNetwork
  2. consider its opposite I:Site/UbiquitousNet but as the second side of the same coin


  • source / install
  • mouseless-autoscroll page on
  • updated default settings
    • increase BASE_TIME=4; to 5 previously before September 2010
    • increase BASE_TIME=5; to 6 previously before April 2010
  • removing directly pages likely to have streaming videos

Reverted PIM links

  • source / install
    • with the dedicated PmWiki conversion scripts gm_reverting_irc_logs_links gm_reverting_pim_links
      • should provide an example User.js on famous websites
      • now using User.js over Prefs.js
        • might be problematic for deleted links since it will set over existing variable but will probably not remove older ones
      • check if a Firefox instance can be queried to reload it via the CLI (seems not possible for this)
      • should use nightly Crontab remotely to generate then locally to pull and merge the update every morning
      • note that as of the 10/06/2011 it takes roughly ~10 minutes to parse this whole wiki, probably mostly dedicated to applying theme which has no impact on the result here
        • except that localmap matters, maybe doing it manually and use ?action=source would be more efficient though, if so then directly hitting the files will be faster put require more processing
          • but since localmap is fundamental (more than 500 links) it directly hitting the files then it should still be applied
      • manage multiple wikis (cf Wiki.OwnWikisNetwork)
      • re-consider the packaging to be more efficient for the farm started in OurP.IM
    • known bugs
      • impossible to fold if there are most links than the page can show
        • partly fixed via keyboard shortcut
  • consider flipping the information box for better screen real-estate
    • harder to read
  • added color per group support
  • discussed in September 2010 on freenode/##pim

To do

Inspired by


  • diigo similar functionality.

Youtube Brownian Playlist

Functions used

To explore


My notes on Tools gather what I know or want to know. Consequently they are not and will never be complete references. For this, official manuals and online communities provide much better answers.

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