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  1. create dedicated wiki in
    1. pscp this page to keep history
      1. explode it
      2. make sure to remove then reset passwords
    2. explode UserFeedback to individual pages
    3. add files
      1. Path:/pub/Wheelshare_presentation/
      2. code repository with webserver so that this documentation can link directly to files
  2. transform Wheelshare_presentation to images then to slides animation
    1. replace the landing page with it
      1. mostly done

To do

  1. add date
  2. consider what should be added here
    1. only what creates value for users?
    2. what creates value for users and developers or entrepreneurs?
  3. consider merging this and LeanCanvas through the tool promoted by Steve Blank during SLLConf
  4. consider as physical gathering point
    1. no need to print, just need to show
      1. but requires to have a phone with it
        1. does not need to be the organizer one, can be "viral"
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Page last modified on June 07, 2012, at 04:01 PM