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Value: Enable new face to face information exchanges

Shares link with friends in real-time during a gathering.

but: rapprocher plutot que d'eloigner par les outils

wiki principle, linking to non-existing pages a la HimWhomIMightWantToMeet?, applied social networks (try Person.*#ToShare?)

 being able to prepare sharing to somebody whom I do not really know yet, through a blurry or poorly limited profile (which is private and would thus only appear in the user private profile section unless specificed so)
  gradually refining it until it can be merged with the person actual real profile
   merging should be a gratifying experience

Motivation (for + http://localhost:3000/requests/new )

  • ever thought "Damn, which links was I suppose to send him already?" or keep on hearing "Wow, nice link, care to share it?" without having a simple way to do it on the spot?
    • that is precisely to avoid those stressful yet recurrent moments that WheelShare is for!

Creating a new yet well needed social affordance.

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Page last modified on May 22, 2011, at 05:25 PM