οἰκονόμος "one who manages a household" (derived from οἴκος "house", and νέμω "distribute (especially, manage)")

Own remarks and models


The dual hedonistic treadmill

  • the hedonistic treadmill
    • pushes for efficiency
    • create an addiction to increasing wealth
      • probably creating negative social consequences

2-sided market and the rational homo-economicus

Wikipedia:Two-sided market (e.g. TV, Google, ...) spreads (gaining in popularity as a BM) by hijacking the economical actor pseudo-rational training (impossible to find cheaper than free)
  • one could consider institution based on financial leveraging using this mechanism too
    • e.g. banks investing clients money in financial markets, coproperties funds investing members money, supermarket industries investing suppliers money while getting consumers money instantly, etc
    • on information in particular see InformationRules#Chapter5

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Impact of automation

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