Despite potentially being a social or networked problem, you still can not expect your own "elite" behavior to help : networked means are still required.


Provide an intellectual toolkit to recover after a collapse situation ahead of it so that one can efficiently solve the problems when the time is needed.


  1. assess the situation
    1. what is the actual problem
    2. in what health are you
      1. in what health are people close to you
    3. what caused the problem
    4. how far one is from the source problem
      1. where is the closest safe location
  2. locate resources
    1. water source
      1. eventually purification
        1. this must be replaced by the summarized principle as the material required might not be available then
    2. food source
      1. making it sustainable
        1. permaculture in the desert (Jordan)
      2. understand the human Needs#TrophicWeb
        1. reconsidered later on watching Guns Germs and Steel and how not just an environment can support different lifestyle but also how a better understanding of the current trophic web model is a tool for the gatherer/hunter and the farmer
    3. medicinal plants
      1. a la by Guerrique
        1. considered through the importance of spices in cooking
  3. make the shelter safe
    1. against weather conditions
    2. against threats
  4. nutrition processing means
    1. cooking, salting, heating for conservation and "pre-digestion" (cf Wikipedia:Bioavailability
  5. locate the nearest organisation structure
    1. military, redcross, ...
    2. establish relevant communication means if collaboration is beneficial
  6. set up a prediction system
    1. decide composite indicators
      1. learn from history lessons Projetautonomieenergetique but adapted to the current context
    2. based on its constant results, allocate resource accordingly
      1. see PriorityByEconomicalSystem
    3. Seedea:Content/Predictions
  7. do Y
    1. do Y.a
    2. do Y.b
  8. do Z

Resources (to integrate in the process)


  • it is not a jump back in historical time
    • we should be able to leverage more recent knowledge and technology (even with an energy crisis) but also some past opportunities (thus will lower investment cost) would have disappeared

To do

  • make it "algo-like" (step by step, eventually rec)
  • list the existing handbook, make mirrors to always have it packed, ready to go

See also

Inspired by

  • "seed civilization" in H+ video
  • discussion with Paola on traditional Vade mecum