• considering the metric of the amount of energy you run your own code (cf own notes after presentation on PIM and discussion)

can we automatically compute the political power of an individual? a society at large? i.e deduce OnThePoliticsOfComputations?

Actors involved

  • Developers
    • Gates, Brin, Bezos, Dorsey, Zuckeberg, ... but also Torvald, ...
  • code regulators
    • politicians, lobbyists, ...
    • (eventually) infrastructure facilitators (very blurry line)
      • Cloudera, Amazon Web Services, ...
      • potentially going as far as infrastructure builders, e.g. datacenter constructors, energy suppliers, cooks for those, thus... everybody up to a certain extent?


  • it might be more precise to be coupled with ability to produce the desired impact
    • e.g. via Cookbook#BuildAction thus the metric would be ERD per software but also per reconfigurable resources available
  • this does not imply that the code used is useful BUT that it has value for the user since he or she (on the assumption of him being rational) consciously decided to trade resource (eventually money but at least energy and attention) to get this code running. Also it is a political metric, thus it is measure dependancy on somebody else, not absolute usefulness.

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