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(including marketing)

if a feature does not helps increase value, then it should not bed added.

transforming a social heuristic (people nearby me are nice) to a software to a product

software is not the product, its overall experience is.

  • start to think about the actual assets (database of activities) and how to monetize it

apply within institutions as an extension of the existing knowledge management system

  • more easily integrate less formal interaction that emails, yet that probably (to verify) in an increasing proportion


  • problem: there is no "nearby space" simple way to share or request references
  • notes: 50% no notes, 40% paper, 10% electronic format
  • devices: 80% mobile, 20% laptop


  • social networks are hard for "people you might want to know but are not sure yet"
    • Facebook - only people you know
    • Twitter - only people you do not know
    • Colors - it's for pictures

Sharing items around by creating a "nearby space"

Make newcomers move from

  • what is that for? or even I do not need it.


  • wow I would have needed it back then
    • I will need it then
    • what can I do with it now
    • etc...

efforts should be made to shift from them not knowing they need it to knowing they do.

Look for early adopter in Quora and such before wasting too much energy on the "general" public.

  1. @cybunk
  2. guerrique & friends
  3. mbe


  • add a potential non-subscribed participant
    • used grayed or dotted lines
  • if the user has subscribed and accepted
    • automatically send as group or individually nuggets
  • else only a link to share to the person via someone who already subscribed
    • also allows to grow in a managed way (log social network and scale gradually)
  • check FB_Wiki:Cookbook/Overlay even if it has not taken-off as of 2011


Related research or tools

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