Own specific usages

  • blogs
  • news websites
  • scientific publications and journals
  • Tools I am currently using (equivalent to an improved changelog)
  • new published books from specific publishers
  • entire wikis recent changes
  • wiki pages history
  • personal discipline MemoryRecipe

See my complete OPML file from my Bloglines account for details (outdated since Bloglines closed in late 2010). Eventually ~/.newsbeuter/urls will be cleaned and uploaded here instead.


  • Comparisons
  • Readers
    • web-based
      • rsslounge free GPL web based rss feed reader
      • NewsBlur by Samuel Clay
      • aspirator simple, lightweight web-based feed reader (based on Django)
      • Tiny Tiny RSS open source web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) aggregator (PHP/SQL)
      • Lazyfeed live updates on every topic you care about.
      • Netvibes Wasabi Edition world’s fastest reader
      • Bloglines.com (very few innovations since several years now)
      • Sage Too (FF3 port of popular Sage addon, good looking, 'portable' and tweakable via CSS)
      • Brief (FF3 addon, quite nice, sidebared with nifty notification statusbar icon)
      • River2 from the author(s) of rssCloud
      • PARC FeedWinnower, filter feed items by four facets : topic, people, source, and time
      • Full Text RSS Feed Get the whole feed and nothing but the feed
    • ncurse
      • Newsbeuter open-source RSS/Atom feed reader for text terminals
        • with its docs, especially important to understand macros, filters, tags, flags, etc
        • put into bin/add_feed_to_newsbeuter echo $1 | sed "s/^feed/http/" >> ~/.newsbeuter/urls then call it via Firefox to subscribe to the feed
      • Snownews Text mode RSS newsreader for Linux and Unix.
    • CLI
    • desktop client
      • Liferea simple and free Gtk desktop news aggregator
      • RSSOwl (pros: good looking, crossplatform, based aggregator, cons: Java based, slow, not portable)
  • Visualizations
  • Mashups
    • Yahoo! Pipes interactive feed aggregator and manipulator (including YQL Execute support)
    • xFruits Compose your information system
    • RSSBus Building Blocks for Simple Services
  • Suggestion
    • SuggestRSS RSS Suggestions Based on Similarity
      • offline since mid-July 2009 (and still offline as of the end of July)
    • Toluu sharing the feeds you read and discovering new ones.
      • beta invite requested as of July the 29th 2009, received the 31st, toluu account
    • see also Recommandation Engines in my Personal Information Stream
  • Filtering
  • Design
  • Programming
    • pubsubhubbub server-to-server web-hook-based pubsub (publish/subscribe) protocol as an extension to Atom and RSS.

Related projects

  • extend RSS to RT-RSS (for real-time RSS)
    • daily schedule : PBES, MemoryRecipe, chores, ...
    • communication means : microblogging, urgent news (including RSS on gradients), ...
    • project management : wiki, CVS, ...
  • RSS on gradients
    • numerical value of any kind
    • example
      • temperature suddenly drops
        • get an RSS warning
  • daily backup of an OPML file
    • echo "33 3 * * * wget http://www.bloglines.com/export?id=UtOpIaH -O/home/utopiah/backup/bloglines_subscription_utopiah_$(date +%F-%HH%M).opml" >> crontab
    • wc -l backup/bloglines_subscription_utopiah_*
    • diff $(ls -c /home/utopiah/backup/bloglines_subscription_utopiah_* | head -2)
    • study which feeds is added/removeed over time to detect trends and propose suggestions
    • provide a delayed (~few days) "meta-feed" with updates for new and deleted subscriptions
  • RecordedFuture.com
    • neither RSS nor Webhooks.org available as of early August 2010

See also

To do

  1. check
    1. Plagger the UNIX pipe programming for Web 2.0 (Perl)
    2. Yapra Yet another Pragger implementation (Ruby)
    3. Pragger (Ruby)
    4. feedstail (Python)


My notes on Tools gather what I know or want to know. Consequently they are not and will never be complete references. For this, official manuals and online communities provide much better answers.