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Make at disposal modern software epistemological tools to explore efficiently explore key information for proper citizenship, in particular scientific and legislative as they are changing fast and have complex structures.

Inspired and motivated by

  • FB_Wiki:PersonalInformationStream/WithoutNotesMay11#OnlineOpenEpistemologyLaboratory
    • defining applied epistemology or epistemological engineering as "organizing and cataloguing roles traditionally exercised by librarians", librarians as "epistemological engineers"
    • "The strategic possibilities of such knowledge [sage statistics generated by such private gateways as panopticons] are simply immense. They resemble the marketing possibilities emerging from the study of consumer habits and profiles."
    • "In the end, the access to large corpora of texts, laid out in open archives, and cross-linked in various ways, in particular through their citations, will open the way to many different and useful forms of evaluation. It will also help monitoring the crucial growth areas of science while placing this bit of intelligence gathering into the public sphere where, i.e., at everybody’s disposal. It would be part of the public infrastructure, so to speak."


  • computational epistemology toolkit
    • metrics
      • distance
      • biliometrics
      • scientometrics
      • network
    • visual exploration
      • document editions
      • network layouts
    • hypothesis management
    • sources import
      • versioning systems (wiki, cvs, dvcs, ...)
      • publication databases
      • funding databases
      • regulation databases
      • social flows (social networks, microblogging, IM, TSW/TopixTream, ...)

What is the actual MVP?

Own usage

  • would still just be the underlying yet required layer
  • generate NEW solutions

Use cases (a la Cucumber)

  • determine if there is a correlation
    • between
      • publications in Science and Nature and
      • with recent public funding of research
    • thus establishing
      • that research roadmap can constitute structure for future innovations
  • ...add more with a dedicated vocabulary (DSL) and naming the potential user
  • who cited paper X, in what context, ...
    • cf Google Scholar "Cited by [n others paper]" features (API?)
      • distribution by year, lab, ...
    • notification for future citation a la RePEC


  • Citizens
    • free (in the GPL sense) appstore equivalent but based on epistemic bricks
  • Science, Nature, Elsevier, Thomson Reuters
  • InnoCentive, Intellectual Ventures
  • WIPO, USPTO, institutional grant offices (e.g. national research bodies, embassies)
  • academic librarians, their equivalent in the private sector
  • applied to regulations database, cf

Possible contributors

To do

  1. integrate
    1. "specs"
    2. previous datasets already listed in Seedea
  2. check existing alternatives from
    1. Wikipedia
      1. and unrelated institutions, e.g. Xerox Parc lab former blog
    2. FB_Wiki:PersonalInformationStream/WithoutNotesMay11#OnlineOpenEpistemologyLaboratory APIs
      1. including Springer, Elsevier and ISI/Thomson-Reuters
  3. OpenData movement
    1. repositories (cf events attended)
    3. OECD Tableau
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Page last modified on May 22, 2011, at 08:11 PM