A house of men (and me)

A huge house, a fraternity, aproximatly 20 guys and a huge mess, of course! I'd nerver seen a kitchen like that, only in a caricatural serie. But actually american series are quite like a american life style, life of a fraternity style.

I have to share a bathroom with a lot of hears, empty glass of beer all around the house, thinks like that. And I'm the only girl to leave here, so the looking are quite cold, because I'm in a men territory, and I'm not a beautiful with a big chest, and the most important point, I'm not very friendly because I'm too shy and my English is so bad.

But I can look the real life of a young American student (a student with money I guess), a sort of good experience I think. More difficult than the last year but more constructive for me. Fabien have already speak with a lot of guy and he was invited in a party, but not me. I sleep that all. I'm so dumb!

Link website: www.kappaalphaorder.org

The Frat house from the sky