Can buyCan't buy
Brand clothesSelf-esteem
Fancy mobile phoneFriends
Strong bodyguardsSense of security
Best surgeonOwn genetic material
Top schoolWisdom
Internet accessA meaningful improving network
Religious symbolsRealistic introspection
Judgment through corruptionHonesty and integrity
Services of a prostitutePhysical and emotional intimacy

According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, if you can still buy your happyness, your are still down the pyramid.You can buy your way up (but it's not necesseary) only to a certain point.

To do

  • add symbols or proxy for values that one can buy to demonstrate the possession of a quality
    • i.e. buying physical good that shows you are at level N+1 rather than you current N
      • examples , luxury goods, ...
  • order the table to follow the pyramid order, use the same colors
  • You're Not Your Fucking Khakis, Fight Club
  • What money can't buy by Michael Walzer
    • Money and Commodities, excerpt from Spheres of Justice
  • not that findings in cognitive science seems to show that re-wiring, even at the neurological level, might have occurred to the point that inferences from older animals become inaccurate.