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  1. numerous frictions exist due to
    1. multiplicity and increase of market places
      1. most actors, seekers and solvers, know only a limited set of those market places
    2. some seekers offers are overlapping
    3. some solvers profiles are overlapping
  2. volumes of transaction with drastically augment
    1. because of increase Internet availability
    2. and not regress or plateau because of
      1. education limitation
      2. social network effect (limited trust)
    3. consider studies BCG/Morgan-Stanley/McKinsey/Gartner on crowdsourcing previsions
  3. tools to leverage creativity are getting democratized
    1. e.g. design software, rapid prototyping, etc
    2. motivating overarching hypothesis for CoEvolution/Seedea/InnovativIT
  4. limited to some tasks for which Wikipedia:Means of production the worker can afford
    1. yet not limited by discipline are most have specific phases that do not require costly means of production
      1. e.g. design, support, etc

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