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Welcome to the VR workshop with ICON. (available on goo.gl/JDn92L during the entire weekend!)

Hello then TRY then TRY more and a last one! (all of us together). No presentation with slides. No question to know who knows what. No planning of the weekend. All that will come after. Explanation after that VR is the medium of experience.

What happens, how do you think it worked? How do you think you can make it work?


The “Virtual Reality: making your own VR experience” is a 1 weekend course, during which you’ll discover the key concepts of VR, how to build a scene, how to interact with it personally or in group, how to dynamically generate content and lots more. You will gradually learn the principles and the technical framework, so that you can transform your idea into a proper VR experience. From game to presentation, from solo- to social experience or artistic installation: it’s full of potential use. You’ll learn the initial steps to initiate your own experimental and explorative project in a nice ambient, collaborative and interactive environment.

Concepts being discussed:

  1. the stereo effect
  2. fundamental rules of VR-scene design
  3. Aframe as a sensible and emerging framework
  4. loading your own 3D assets
  5. sharing your VR experience with the outside world
  6. WebVR as a perfect entry to VR, not only being the first step

Introduction to virtual reality (key concepts : object position, camera, stereo effect)

This first session will be a gentle introduction to the key concepts. All will be done directly in a coding environment without any installation required to start.

Busting the door open, premonition FAQ

  • Why code, why not point&click?
    • good luck pointing&clicking at 10 elements, 100, 1000?!
    • good luck pointing&clicking an AI
    • good luck pointing&clicking an randomness
  • What are you doing here
    • why VR in the first place?
      • immersion, a feeling still.

Optional presentation break followed by demos.

Why am I giving this workshop

  • own motivation
    • PIMVR with recent Aframe version
  • own demos including
    • recent JSBin demos
    • vAtelier for integration with wiki
    • 3Djs demos
    • hackathons
    • virtual slides for JSLab
    • social presentation for CafeNumerique
    • rapid experience prototyping with 2 drawings
    • 360 event showcase

I'm not there to give answers anyway, I'm there to help find answers in an efficient fashion.

Building for virtual reality (primitives, meshes, light, assets including 360 photos and videos)

This second session will move on, assuming that key concepts have been understood, in order to make a scene richer.

Interaction in virtual reality (gaze, button, proper distance)

This third session will focus not on objects as static or even animated elements but rather how the person having the experience can interact with them. It will explain what works, what doesn’t, regarding hardware and user experience.

Optional presentation break on code dissection (i.e. declarative, loading components, registering own components and shaders, executing code after loading).

Note that most so far was done via the declarative aspect if Aframe solely. From now because of the dynamic aspect Javascript is required.

Being social and dynamic in virtual reality (websockets, service side content)

A virtual reality experience doesn’t have to be experienced alone. In fact it is quite easy to transform a basic solo experience to a rich multi user experience. Instead of programming complex algorithms letting user interact with other allows to quickly showcase interesting behavior. Still, in addition to this it will be shown how to use dynamic content either generated on the fly or processed by a server then generated a relevant scene.

Going faster and further